Nebraska State Patrol

Public Records Requests

Public Records Requests

If you wish to make a request for public records please provide as much information as you can about the incident/accident you are inquiring about.

Please include:

                • Date

                • Time and place of incident/accident

                • Name of State Patrol employee involved (if available)

Public Records Requests should be in writing and may be submitted the following ways:

                • Fax to Nebraska State Patrol Legal Division at 402-479-4996

                • Email to

                • Mail to: Nebraska State Patrol

                                Legal Division - Public Records Request

                                PO Box 94907

                                Lincoln NE  68509

Pursuant to Nebraska Law, written requests for information or photocopies are processed within four business days.  If a request is extensive or difficult to process within the four day period, the Nebraska State Patrol will provide you a written explanation, a good faith estimated completion date, and an estimated charge for requested records.  You will then have an opportunity to modify or prioritize your request.

Pursuant to Nebraska Law, if the request you are making involves a pending criminal case, your request may be denied until that case has been resolved.

The Nebraska State Patrol can charge a fee for records requested once the research time exceeds four hours.  The Nebraska State Patrol policy provides that cost for public records are billed at $38.00 per hour for computer technician time billed to the one-half hour and clerk time billed at $25.00 per hour billed to the one-half hour.  The cost for copies is $0.25 per page.  The agency may require a deposit before the request is fulfilled if the amount of the request exceeds $50.00.


Criminal History Request


ONLINE Criminal History Checks-

ONLINE Payment ONLY for Fingerprint Based Requests - PayPort
If you are required to obtain a fingerprint based national criminal history record check and you are requried to pay for this request yourself, you can pay online with an echeck or a credit card using the "PayPort" link below. You must still have your fingerprints taken at a Nebraska State Patrol location or taken at another location and mailed to the agency to which you are applying

Questions can be direct to the Nebraska State Patrol Criminal Identification Division at (402) 479-4971.


Accident Report Requests

Requests for Accident Reports are processed by the Nebraska Department of Roads. You may contact that office by clicking Accident Report Requests below or at the following address:

Accident Report Requests

Nebraska Department of RoadsAccident Records Division/Highway Safety
PO Box 94759
Lincoln NE  68509-4759
or by phone at 402-479-4645