File a Complaint

File a Complaint

If this is an emergency, call 911. If you have a traffic complaint, please call *55 or 800-525-5555. This type of enforcement information requires an immediate response and should be reported through conventional methods, such as 911 or *55.

The Nebraska State Patrol is committed to the highest standards in our service to the public. This includes respecting the civil rights of anyone we come in contact with for in enforcement efforts or employment purposes. The Nebraska State Patrol prohibits personnel from discrimination in the provision of services or employment; to create discriminatory community conditions; or to use discriminatory evaluative standards in determining applicability of services or employment, if the basis of that discriminatory treatment is, in whole or in part, the person’s race, color, national origin, religion, sex, disability, marital status, age, gender identity, sexual orientation, or other protected status.

This form should be utilized to file a specific complaint against Nebraska State Patrol personnel. Should you have a general concern, comment or questions please utilize the link to the Comments, Concerns or Questions form.

If you wish to file a complaint please utilize the form below. You may also call the Nebraska State Patrol Internal Affairs Division at (402) 479-4963, email at or write to the Nebraska State Patrol at the following address:

Nebraska State Patrol
c/o Internal Affairs Division
4600 Innovation Drive
Lincoln, NE 68521

You may also choose to visit us in person or call any of our six Troop Area Headquarters (see contact information below form).

Complaint Form

Civil rights violations can also be reported to the Nebraska Commission on Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice: or the US Department of Justice’s Office of Civil Rights: