State CRT membership includes representatives of:

Nebraska State Patrol
Sarah Schoen, Domestic & Sexual Violence Program Manager
Ed Kelley, Domestic & Sexual Violence Program Assistant
The Nebraska State Patrol (NSP) represents the perspective of statewide law enforcement on the State CRT.  Statewide coordination is essential for law enforcement, as the performance of an officer’s daily duties can lead to encounters with individuals in need of assistance not provided by the agency.  Law enforcement is a common entry point to the criminal justice system, therefore effective communication and referrals to other criminal justice and social service agencies is essential to our role as the guardians of community safety. Such coordination requires advance knowledge and relationship development with local resources.  Response planning for wide-range emergency situations enables timely and effective leadership by law enforcement of a community-base, system-wide response. Further, by actively engaging in effective criminal response coordination, NSP works to prevent further victimization through perpetrator accountability. The NSP Domestic and Sexual Violence (DSV) Program Manager represents statewide needs and priorities for law enforcement operations and training on DSV issues as a member of the State CRT. The DSV Program Manager’s job duties include providing training for law enforcement on DSV response, staying current on national best practices for DSV response, reviewing changes in state laws and protocols, and maintaining awareness of local examples of successful outcomes. The DSV Program Manager also serves as the CRT Coordinator and works collaboratively with local CRT coordinators to develop and enhance their CRT efforts.

Nebraska Attorney General's Office
George Welch, VAWA Prosecutor
Prosecutors in the Criminal Bureau of the Nebraska Office of the Attorney General handle criminal matters in all 93 counties of Nebraska. The VAWA Prosecutor specializes in cases involving domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking. Presentations and trainings for law enforcement and other prosecutors in these areas are also conducted by the VAWA Prosecutor.

Anne Boatright, State Forensic Nursing Coordinator
The State Forensic Nursing Coordinator with the Nebraska Office of the Attorney General is responsible for setting best practice standards around the issues of Sexual Assault, Domestic Violence, Sex Trafficking and Strangulation.  The Nursing Coordinator partners statewide to provide training and education and practice updates for programs across the state. Furthermore, ensuring that best practice efforts are being achieved through collaborative partnerships to ensure best care to victims statewide.

Nebraska Coalition for Victims of Crime

Nebraska Coalition to End Sexual and Domestic Violence
Lee Heflebower, Domestic Violence Coordinator
The Nebraska Coalition to End Sexual and Domestic Violence represents the network of domestic and sexual violence programs in the state of Nebraska by providing local community perspectives to the Statewide Coordinated Response Team, as well as embracing and sharing the experiences of survivors.  The Nebraska Coalition was created and helps to guide the Program Standards for the network of programs, which outline best practices for prevention and services in our state.  Ongoing training for advocates helps to ensure that the Program Standards are being met and allows for growth as issues evolve.  The Nebraska Coalition leads the statewide Batterer’s Intervention Program Standards Committee and works with local programs to guide these efforts, as well as serving as a resource for the network of programs on CRT efforts in local communities.  The Executive Director of the Nebraska Coalition works as a liaison with the Program Directors across the state to ensure effective communication of statewide activities.  The Domestic Violence Program Coordinator and the Sexual Violence Program Coordinator of the Nebraska Coalition serve as content experts for local advocates to assist with capacity building within their programs.

Nebraska Crime Commission
Alexandra Beck, Director of Federal Grants and Programs
Julie Geise, Nebraska Victim Advocacy Coordinator

The Crime Commission serves as the State Administering Agency (SAA) for the Federal Violence Against Women’s Act (VAWA).  In this administrative capacity, the agency makes available grant opportunities that support statewide and local coordinated response teams concerned with the crimes of sexual and domestic violence, dating violence, stalking and human trafficking.  The Crime Commission administers two grant programs under VAWA: S.T.O.P (Services, Training, Officers, and Prosecutors) and the Sexual Assault Services Program (SASP).  The S.T.O.P. Grant Program funds CRT efforts in addition to victim services across the state whereas the SASP Grant Program funds services for victims and survivors of sexual assault.  This work involves statewide planning and annual certification of Nebraska’s compliance with Federal law as outlined in the Act.  The Director of Federal Grants and Programs serves as the state’s point-of-contact.  Within this role and as a member of the Statewide CRT, the position can offer support and technical assistance for CRT and program development efforts and is able to research and offer guidance on VAWA federal requirements.

Nebraska Sheriffs Association
Dan Osmond, Sheriff – Custer County Sheriff’s Office
The Nebraska Sheriffs Association (NSA) provides the perspective of county‐level law enforcement administrators in domestic and sexual violence response within the State CRT.  The NSA has the ability to gather information from and provide information to other law enforcement agencies statewide. This role allows the NSA to recommend training and policy change to members, as well as build support from a network of peers. The NSA also allows for the ability to work with governing bodies to effect legislation that can impact domestic and sexual violence laws.

Administrative Office of the Courts and Probation
Mike Nehe, Domestic Violence Programs Service Specialist
The role of the Administrative Office of the Courts and Probation Domestic Violence Program Services Specialist is to provide information and perspective regarding the role of the Courts and Probation as it pertains to domestic and sexual violence.  Examples of such information could be, but aren’t limited to, the role of the Courts and how they function, as well as different processes of the Courts.  The Specialist would also be able to provide insight on efforts and strategies in working with offenders to effect behavior change, promote accountability, and increase victim safety.  The Specialist would be a point of contact for the different judicial and probation districts across the state as well as Administrative Offices.  Finally, the Specialist would be a conduit for information, training, and recommendations from the team to flow back to the Courts and Probation.

Nebraska Department of Correctional Services
Danielle Reynolds, PREA Coordinator
The role of the Nebraska Department of Correctional Services is to provide information and perspective on the role of the Prison Rape Elimination Act within the Department of Corrections and what is offered to Victims of Sexual Assault, Sexual Abuse, and Sexual Harassment. This role is able to provide resources to individuals in how to cope with what they have experienced before, during and after incarceration. The Department of Correctional Services also provides thorough investigations and provide victim safety and ways for the victims and family members to report incidents confidentially for such acts within the Department. The PREA coordinator is a point of contact for advocates and family members and victims within the Department of Corrections.

These allied professionals work collaboratively to meet statewide needs in DSV work.