Bomb Squad

Bomb Squad

The Nebraska State Patrol (NSP) Bomb Squad was established in 1972 to a recognized need for special services in response to explosive related incidents statewide. The Bomb Squad maintains a cadre of specially trained Troopers certified as Hazardous Devices Technicians (HDTs). HDTs are certified through the Federal Bureau of Investigation's (FBI) Hazardous Devices School in Huntsville, Alabama located on Redstone Arsenal
officer in bomb squad body armor next to truck

Mission Statement:

The mission of the NSP Bomb Squad is to provide statewide response to assist state and local public safety agencies with explosive related emergencies/incidents.  The Bomb Squad provides render safe capabilities of explosives, improvised explosive devices or suspect items to ensure public safety.


Since the inception of the Bomb Squad, there have been 19 Troopers trained and certified as HDTs, also known as Bomb Technicians. Over the years, these HDTs have been stationed in various locations across the state. Currently, HDTs are stationed in the eastern, central and western part of the state to aid with statewide coverage. HDTs are assigned to the Field Services and Investigative Services divisions where HDT duties are ancillary to the Trooper’s primary duties.

The Bomb Squad is a nationally accredited squad through the FBI in accordance with national standards set by the National Bomb Squad Commanders Advisory Board. The Bomb Squad is commanded by the Bomb Squad Commander/Hazardous Devices Coordinator and maintains the required mandated equipment essential to explosive related incidents.  In addition to the required equipment, HDTs maintain numerous other pieces of specialized equipment to facilitate their mission.


HDTs are selected from the agencies rank and file via a thorough selection process. Eligible officers must have at least five years’ experience; pass practical exercises and selective interview process. Once selected, candidate(s) are then placed in a probationary period until they attend the FBI Hazardous Devices School (HDS) Certification Course. The Certification Course is a six (6) week course. Upon graduation from HDS, the officer is then a nationally certified HDT however will remain on probationary status within the Bomb Squad for approximately six (6) months. HDTs are required to return to HDS for recertification training every three (3) years. The Bomb Squad also conducts monthly “in-service” training among themselves and in cooperation with federal, state and local partners.   All HDTs are active members of the International Association of Bomb Technicians and Investigators (IABTI). HDTs also attend numerous explosive related training courses across the country to better prepare themselves for numerous types of incidents and improved public safety.


The responsibilities of the Bomb Squad are to respond statewide to explosive related incidents. These include e but are not limited to commercial explosives, homemade explosives, improvised explosive devices, military ordinance and suspect items.  HDTs assist allied agencies with explosive related investigations, primarily dealing with the manufacture of homemade explosives and/or improvised explosive devices.

The NSP Bomb Squad responds to an average of two explosive related calls per week. Each member of the Bomb Squad maintains his/her own set of equipment that is essential to the work of HDTs. Doing so  minimizes downtime when responding to calls. The Bomb Squad utilizes specialty vehicles including robotic platforms and a containment vessel when needed.

HDTs also provide training for members of the Nebraska State Patrol, other law enforcement agencies, and civilians in explosive awareness/recognition and bomb threat emergencies.

The NSP Bomb Squad can be contacted at or by contacting the NSP at (402) 471-4545.


Binary Exploding Targets

Binary Exploding Targets
Binary Exploding Targets

This information is meant to clarify some of the misconceptions on the legality of the sale and use of exploding targets in Nebraska that have become so popular in recent years. These exploding targets are sold under numerous brand names such as Tannerite, Star, Zomboom, Sure Shot, Shockwave, H2, and Red Jack Exploding Targets, to name a few.

Exploding targets by any brand name are sold in kits containing two components.  Once the components are mixed, an explosive is manufactured known as a binary explosive. This explosive then falls under the Nebraska Explosive Control Act and is a regulated explosive in the state of Nebraska.

There are currently no legal restrictions prohibiting the sale and/or purchase of exploding target kits in Nebraska. However, once the kits are mixed and an explosive is manufactured, it is a violation of Nebraska law to possess, use and/or store exploding targets, an explosive, without appropriate Nebraska State Patrol issued explosive permits. Individuals in violation can be arrested for misdemeanor and/or felony crimes depending on the circumstances.

Individuals must complete an application/background process for obtaining an appropriate Nebraska State Patrol issued explosive permit.  If individuals are not prohibited, an appropriate permit will be issued.

Nebraska State Patrol Explosives Permits

Nebraska State Patrol Explosives Permits
Nebraska State Patrol Explosives Permits

The Nebraska State Patrol (NSP) is responsible for the administration and regulation of explosive controls as it pertains to commercial explosives in the state of Nebraska. Appropriate explosive permits are issued to individuals and businesses as needed. Utilize the links below for further information and to complete appropriate applications to apply for NSP issued explosive permits.

It is a violation of Nebraska law to possess and use any explosive materials for any reason whatsoever without proper NSP issued explosive permits.  The possession of federal explosive permits does not exempt individuals and/or businesses from obtaining NSP issued explosive permits. State law mandates Federal Licensees and permittees shall obtain NSP issued explosive permits. The use and storage of explosives in Nebraska is governed by state statue and Title 272, The Rules and Regulations Concerning the Use of Explosives in Nebraska.  Nebraska does not recognize reciprocity with any other states explosive permits.

NSP issues three (3) types of explosive permits; use, purchase and storage. Individuals using explosives must obtain a use permit. This application process mandates applicants to be fingerprinted, photographed and tested. A thorough background check is conducted to ensure applicants are permitted and qualified to obtain a permit.  Purchase and storage permits are typically issued to businesses. The links below for the appropriate explosive permit have detailed instructions as to the application process and what is needed.

The NSP Hazardous Devices Coordinator oversees the explosive permitting process and reviews all explosive permit applications for approval. NSP issues approximately 250 explosive permits per year. In addition to permit issuance, NSP also enforces explosive regulations and statutes through formal inspections of storage sites and permittees records.

The NSP Explosive Permitting Division can be contacted at or 402-479-4036.

Explosive Use Permit Application

Explosive Purchase-Storage Permit Application