Victim Advocacy Services

Victim Advocacy Services

Victims of crime in Nebraska are served by a range of Victim/Witness Assistance Programs and DSV Victim Advocacy Programs.

Click here to access the Nebraska State Patrol Victim/Witness Assistance Guide.

Victim/Witness Assistance Programs

Local Victim/Witness Assistance Programs serve victims of all crimes in their area. These are programs typically located in a local law enforcement agency or county attorney's office, and most often work with victims or witnesses in criminal cases. They can assist by providing information on investigation status, charges filed, court dates and assistance with protection orders. They also ensure that victims of crime know their rights, and that their voices are heard as part of the criminal justice process.

Please select the link to view Local Victim/Witness Assistance Programs.
Not all counties in Nebraska have a Victim/Witness Assistance Program. 

DSV Victim Advocacy Programs

Nebraska has a network of programs that is designed to provide emergency services, information, and assistance to survivors of domestic and sexual violence. Although some services vary throughout the state, the network of programs serve all 93 counties. All programs provide the following services at a minimum:

  • 24 Hour Crisis Line
  • Legal Referrals & Assistance with Protection Orders
  • Emergency Shelter
  • Ongoing Support & Information
  • Transportation
  • Medical Advocacy & Referrals
  • Education & Prevention Programs

Please select the link to learn more about Nebraska's Network of DSV Victim Advocacy Programs, including how to find a program near you, a listing of Nebraska Programs, and a map of Nebraska programs.


Online Resources

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