AMBER Alert Law Enforcement Requirements

AMBER Alert Law Enforcement Requirements

1. Agency must have at least one designated reporting officer and file that officer's name with the AMBER Plan Committee.

2. Agency must have adopted a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) that outlines the agency’s procedures for operating the AMBER Plan and must submit a copy of that procedure with the agency’s Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to the Nebraska AMBER Plan Committee.

3. Agency agrees to submit all proposed AMBER Alerts to the Nebraska State Patrol with the understanding that an AMBER Alert Verification Officer will confirm that the AMBER criteria have been met before issuing the alert via the state Emergency Alert System (EAS).

4. Agency must be prepared to take phone calls for at least 24 hours when the AMBER Plan is activated or until the alert is canceled.

5. Agency agrees to provide any additional information about the case that is appropriate for public consumption and might be helpful in locating the child (photographs, details) to the Nebraska State Patrol via e-mail for posting on the AMBER Alert page of the Nebraska State Patrol web site.

6. If child is recovered (or the status of the case changes) within 24 hours, agency agrees to fax an AMBER Cancelation Notification to the Nebraska State Patrol for broadcast over the state EAS. After 24 hours, agency is responsible for notifying the public of any change and also notifying the Nebraska State Patrol in order that the AMBER Alert page of the web site can be updated.

7. Agency must submit supporting reports for activation of the AMBER Plan to the AMBER Plan Committee within 30 days of activation.