Technical Crimes Division - Intel/Public Information/Training

Technical Crimes Division - Intel/Public Information/Training



The Technical Crimes Division utilizes intel analysts to provide updated actionable intelligence and information to criminal investigators. 

Public Information

The Public Information component allows the NSP to create public awareness, advertise success, and provide common sense safety advice to the public as it relates to cyber and child Exploitation investigations.  The PIO provides releases and social media updates of current cases in the form of mini-stories to promote online safety and serve our communities.  The PIO engages the community directly to ensure the safety families and community organizations.

The Technical Crimes Division provides current Internet safety best practices and INFOSEC (Information Security) standards to CSO’s (Community Service Officers) to present at community forums.


The Technical Crimes Division leads the agency to deliver consistency across the state by providing legal process templates, training, and short webinars.  The TCD provides legal documents, preservation requests, report templates, and contacts based on the TCD’s experience and best practice standards accompanied with individuals qualified to testify to the investigative techniques.

Contact the NSP Technical Crimes Division here: or by calling (402) 479-4916.