Community Policing - Safety Programs

Community Policing - Safety Programs

Officer meeting with a group of children

The Nebraska State Patrol Community Policing Services is a partnership between law enforcement agencies and the communities they serve. Community Policing focuses on problem identification and solving. Troopers assigned to provide Community Policing Services work closely with schools, businesses, organizations and groups to focus on fatality reduction efforts and crime prevention.

With a goal of helping the Agency to reduce the state's fatality rate to one fatality per 100 million vehicle miles driven, the Nebraska State Patrol, utilizes a variety of tools to include the Rollover Simulator, Seat Belt Convincer, Distracted Driving Simulator as well as an assortment of safety related programs.

For more information or to schedule a program, contact the Community Service Officer (CSO) in your area.  The following contacts can assist you with your community service needs:

Troop HQ (Lincoln)

Lt. Michael Grummert
(402) 471-4680

Troop A (Omaha)
Captain Greg Miller
(402) 331-3333
Troop B (Norfolk)

Captain Dain Hicks
(402) 992-2148

Troop C (Grand Island)

Captain Dean Riedel
(308) 385-6000

Troop D (North Platte)

Captain Tyler Schmidt
(308) 535-8050

Troop E (Scottsbluff)

Trp. Tim Flick
(308) 632-1211

Meet Our Mascot - Trooper Buck L. Up

Meet Our Mascot - Trooper Buck L. Up
An Officer Mascot gives high fives to children in crowd
Meet Our Mascot - Trooper Buck L. Up

In 2013 the Nebraska State Patrol introduced Trooper Buck L. Up as the agency's new mascot. Created by Street Characters Inc., Trooper Buck was purchased for the agency by the Nebraska State Patrol Foundation.

Managed by the agency's Community Service Officers (CSO) Trooper Buck's mission is to engage the young and young at heart. It is our hope Trooper Buck will become synonymous with seat belt safety and whenever citizens encounter him he will reinforce the need for compliance with all traffic safety laws.

Safety Program Information

Safety Program Information
Safety Program Information


The Nebraska State Patrol's newest tool to demonstrate the power of seat belts is the Persuader. After the rider is buckled-up, the Persuader turns completely upside down to simulate a rollover crash. The rider is held in the seat by the seat belt. 


The Nebraska State Patrol has six Rollover Simulators available for demonstrations. Rollover Simulators vividly depict what happens when you don't wear your seat belt and are involved in a rollover collision.The simulator rolls at up to 30 miles per hour. Inside the cab of the pickup are a life size adult mannequin and a child size mannequin. The demonstration is excellent for school groups as well as businesses.


The Nebraska has six Seat Belt Convincers available for demonstrations. The Seat Belt Convincer is an interactive tool used by the agency to demonstrate the importance of seat belt use. The participant rides the Seat Belt Convincer to experience a low impact crash. Through this low impact crash the participant is shown how the seat belt, when worn properly, save lives and helps prevent serious injury.


The Nebraska State Patrol has one Driving Simulator. The Driving Simulator utilizes LCD computer screens to provide users with realistic driving scenarios that not only test their driving skills, but draw attention to the complex thought process required for safe driving.

For more information or to schedule a demonstration, contact the Nebraska State Patrol Community Service Officer (CSO) in your area.