Concealed Handgun Instructors

Concealed Handgun Instructors

A list of certified instructors is provided below. The list will be updated as certification is given.

Participation in a training course or any fee associated with a handgun training & safety course is the responsibility of the applicant. The handgun training and safety course must be taken in person with a certified instructor approved by the Nebraska State Patrol (see approved list below).

Online courses do NOT satisfy the handgun training and safety course requirement.

The Nebraska State Patrol is responsible for the certification of instructors and curriculum. Questions reference Concealed Handgun Instructor applications should be directed to:

The Nebraska State Patrol is not responsible for scheduling or teaching of Concealed Handgun Courses. Questions or concerns regarding the business practices of an individual instructor should be directed to the Better Business Bureau or local Chamber of Commerce.

The following is a list of certified concealed handgun permit instructors. This list is subject to change at any time so check back often for the most current information.

To find an instructor in your area, click on the alphabetical list here.

Title 272, Nebraska Administrative Code, Chapter 21