Command Staff

Command Staff

Colonel John A. Bolduc
Superintendent of Law Enforcement & Public Safety

Colonel John A. Bolduc is the 18th Superintendent of the Nebraska State Patrol. He was sworn-in on October 16, 2017. 

Colonel Bolduc, a law enforcement officer since 1986, has held several leadership positions throughout his career, including service in three different states. Prior to leading the Nebraska State Patrol, Colonel Bolduc served as Vice President of Public Safety for the Port of San Diego from 2010 until 2017.  Bolduc started his career in Minnesota where he served in Maple Grove as a police officer and supervisor, and later as Police Chief in Mora and Brainerd. 

Colonel Bolduc holds a Master’s Degree in Organizational Leadership from National University, in San Diego and a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice from Bemidji State University in Minnesota.  He is also a graduate of the FBI National Academy. 

Lt. Colonel Andrew "Buck" Duis
Lieutenant Colonel

Lt. Colonel Andrew "Buck" Duis serves as the Assistant Superintendent of the Nebraska State Patrol. He has served in that role since 2018.

Lt. Colonel Duis has previously served as Captain of the NSP Training Academy, Commander of the NSP Police Service Dog Division, and in many other capacities. 

In addition to daily interaction and oversight of the Agency's three divisions, the Lt. Colonel oversees the Executive Protection/Capitol Security, Information Technology (IT), Public Information and Professional Standards Divisions.

Major Jeff Wilcynski
Eastern Field Services Major

Major Jeff Wilcynski commands the Nebraska State Patrol Eastern Field Services Division, comprising Troop A, based in Omaha, Troop B, based in Norfolk, and HQ Troop, based in Lincoln. Major Wilcynski also commands NSP Executive Projection and Capitol Security. 

The Nebraska State Patrol was formed in 1937 as the Nebraska Safety Patrol to deal with the rising problem of traffic crashes on our state's roads. Today the mission of the men and women of the Field Services Divisions remains the same, but the way in which that mission is carried out is vastly different.

Uniformed troopers assigned to six Troop Area Headquarters patrol more than 10,000,000 miles of Nebraska roadways a year. By leveraging technology such as real time crash data and analyzing calls for service, troopers are placed in areas where they can be most effective.

The Field Services Division combines traffic enforcement, public education and cooperation with allied agencies as it strives for fatality free roadways.

Major Jeff Pelowski
Central Field Services Major

Major Jeff Pelowski commands the Central Field Services Division.

The Central Division encompasses areas of statewide operations, including Investigative Services, Carrier Enforcement, and Special Operations.

The Nebraska State Patrol is leveraging technology to place troopers where they can be the most effective by utilizing real time crash data and analyzing calls for service. With this information, the agency can take a practical approach to education concepts and enforcement. Directed patrolling, high visibility patrols, the targeting of impaired drivers and occupant restraint compliance are just some of the concepts employed by the agency utilizing this data.

By employing current technology, troopers are now sent to calls for service by Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD), and their actions are documented by a Records Management System (RMS), and digital in-car cameras. Mobile Data Computers allow troopers to issue electronic citations and accident reports. A new digital statewide radio system will allow them expanded, clearer, interoperable radio coverage.

Major Jeff Roby
Western Field Services Major

Major Jeff Roby is in command of the Nebraska State Patrol's Western Field Services Division.

Western Field Services is made up of Troop C, based in Grand Island, Troop D, based in North Platte, and Troop E, based in Scottsbluff.

The division encompasses uniformed patrol troopers, who strive for fatality free roadways through traffic enforcement, public education, and cooperation. This vision cannot be achieved by the Nebraska State Patrol alone but by working with our partners in highway safety which include the Nebraska Department of Transportation (NDOT), Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), Nebraska Highway Safety Office (NDOT-HSO), local law enforcement, first responders, highway safety advocate groups and our citizens.

Russell Lewis
Administrative Services Major

Major Russell Lewis is the commander for the Nebraska State Patrol Administrative Services Division.

The Administrative Services Division supports every aspect of the agency from; human resources, information technology, accounting, grants and the training academy.

Troopers, investigators, civilians, and other specialized personnel make up the customer base supported by the Administrative Services Division.

The NSP Motto, "Pro Bono Publico" for the good of the public holds true for this division as it strives to provide prompt, efficient and effective support of all agency employees.

Captain Kevin Ryan
Administrative Services Captain

The Administrative Services Division is under the command of Captain Kevin Ryan.

Captain Ryan is responsible for overseeing numerous support divisions to include the securing and managing of public and private sector grants and contributions (Grants), Research and Planning, the procurement of goods and services (Purchasing), inventory of equipment, uniforms, weapons, vehicles and supplies (Supply/Electronic Engineering), Project Management, the Combined Law Enforcement Information Network (CLEIN) and Communications.

Captain Luke Splattstoesser
Professional Standards Captain

The Division of Professional Standards is under the command of Captain Luke Splattstoesser.

Captain Splattstoesser serves as the agency's Legislative Liaison and is responsible for and oversees the Divisions of Internal Affairs, Legal, Policy/Accreditation, Records Management, and Executive Protection.