Information Technology

Information Technology

The Information Technology Division supports all divisions of the Nebraska State Patrol and several state-wide systems shared by all law enforcement in the state. The Patrol IT Division sets the foundation for sharing common law enforcement systems to enhance communication and information collection with all Nebraska public safety agencies.

IT Division staff travel to all Troop Areas, Carrier Enforcement scale sites, and Investigative Services Offices. They provide support for the troopers on the road, investigators in the field, pilots in the air and civilian support staff.  They support Fusion Center activities, the State Crime Lab, Communication Centers, the Criminal Identification Unit, and all Patrol employees throughout the state.

The User Support Team members have skill and expertise in Patrol software and hardware products. Team members work closely with all officers and civilians in the agency to provide support in using the agency's technology tools.  A primary focus of this area is ensuring each employee has the necessary updated equipment to perform their jobs. The User Support Team is progressive, always looking for new tools and techniques to keep the State Patrol on the leading edge of technology in law enforcement.

The Networking and Server Team has enhanced the Patrol's continuity of operations plan, building in redundancy to ensure continuation of operations. This team also has responsibility for supporting the Nebraska Automated Fingeprint Identification System, NAFIS, and provides support to all agencies in Nebraska that have a connection to NAFIS. The Combined Law Enforcement Information Network (CLEIN), is an extensive network of information sharing between law enforcement agencies and with the FBI. This team facilitates and supports that exchange of data. This team is also responsible for maintaining the security of our state buildings through management of security cameras and controlled building access. The members of this team support these specialty systems and have skills and expertise in information management. 

The Patrol has a talented Development Team that creates, manages and supports custom applications, databases and purchased systems for unique law enforcement activities. The developers and analysts look for ways to automate activities and streamline operations, saving time and money for the agency and improving accuracy of our information. Our developers have expertise in data integration and data management, and work to keep information at the fingertips of our officers to help solve crimes and keep people safe.