Statewide Coordination

Statewide Coordination

The Nebraska State Patrol frequently works to collaborate with the Nebraska Coalition to End Sexual and Domestic Violence, as well as the Nebraska Coalition for Victims of Crime. These organizations represent local service programs on the state level.

Statewide Coordinated Response Team

The State CRT is tasked with enhancing coordination and systemic response to domestic and sexual violence, across criminal and social justice systems. The State CRT works to ensure that each system is equipped to work cohesively in achieving victim safety and perpetrator accountability. Comprehensive, coordinated response, that leverages the communities’ unique strengths, provides the most effective means to this outcome.  The State CRT members analyze the statewide response, identify inconsistencies, and work with designated professional fields to hold each member professionally accountable to other’s roles within the justice system.

The Nebraska Statewide Coordinated Response Team (State CRT) is a group of professionals providing state-level perspectives and providing statewide guidance in addressing the issues surrounding Domestic and Sexual Violence. The State CRT is guided by the following Vision and Mission statements.


We envision coordinated and collaborative responses to Domestic and Sexual Violence throughout the state, focused on victim safety and offender accountability.


The mission of the Nebraska State CRT is to foster the development and sustainability of effective local and statewide responses to domestic and sexual violence. This will be accomplished by offering guidance and resources based on model standards and practices, while recognizing each community’s accomplishments, expertise, and needs.