Comments, Concerns or Questions

Comments, Concerns or Questions

If you witness a motorist in need of assistance, or would like to report a reckless or impaired driver, please report this immediately by calling 911 or utilizing the Nebraska State Patrol Highway Helpline by dialing *55 from your phone when safe to do so, or 1-800-525-5555. This type of enforcement information requires an immediate response and should be reported through conventional methods, such as 911 or *55.

If you wish to file a specific complaint about NSP personnel please utilize the link to our File a Complaint page.

Comments, Concerns or Questions Form

If you have a comment, concern or question please use the form above. You may also call the Nebraska State Patrol at (402) 471-4545, visit us in person or call any of our six Troop Area Headquarters (contact information below form) or write to us at:

Nebraska State Patrol
c/o Superintendent's Office
1600 Highway 2
Lincoln, NE 68502