NSP Teams Up With Local Businesses to Develop PPE Solution

NSP Teams Up With Local Businesses to Develop PPE Solution

April 15, 2020
(Lincoln, NEB.)

The Nebraska State Patrol (NSP) has partnered with two Lincoln businesses to develop a product that could save thousands of pieces of personal protective equipment. The product will allow NSP troopers and investigators to use gas masks with reusable filters rather than N95 masks at crime scenes.

Every NSP trooper and investigator has a gas mask, but filters for the current gas masks are in short supply during the COVID-19 pandemic. In searching for a solution, NSP personnel located several hundred filters which were made to fit a different design of gas mask which was previously used by NSP. However, those filter did not fit the current gas masks.

Working with Lincoln businesses Kawasaki Motors and IntoMetal, an adapter has been produced that allows current gas masks to work with the different model of filter. Kawasaki was able to perfect a design for the adapter and IntoMetal was able to quickly produce the adapter using a 3D printer. The adapters are already being distributed for use throughout the state.

“This is tremendous work by our team and personnel from Kawasaki and IntoMetal,” said Colonel Bolduc. “This project has the potential to save thousands of pieces of PPE, such as N95 masks and face shields. By reducing our need for those valuable resources, hopefully the limited supplies can be diverted to medical workers and others working on the front lines against COVID-19.”

This project is intended for the masks to be used at crime scenes or during investigations. Troopers will not be wearing gas masks during regular patrols or on traffic stops.

NSP is also eager to share this design for any other law enforcement entities throughout the country that could potentially benefit from combining the MSA Millennium gas mask with the MSA 3-lug bayonet filter cartridges designed for the MSA Advantage 1000 mask. Any agency that would to receive design specifications can find the design at the NSP website.