Nebraska State Patrol

Field Services

Field Services

The Nebraska State Patrol was formed in 1937 as the Nebraska Safety Patrol to deal with the rising problem of traffic crashes on our state's roads. Today the mission of the men and women of the Field Services Division remains the same, but the way in which that mission is carried out is vastly different.

The Field Services Division encompasses all uniformed Troopers, Carrier Enforcement Troopers, Police Service Dog (PSD) handlers, Aviation Support Pilots, Community Policing and Communications.

Uniformed troopers assigned to six Troop Area Headquarters patrol more than 10,000,000 miles of Nebraska roadways a year. By leveraging technology such as real time crash data and analyzing calls for service, troopers are placed in areas where they can be most effective.

The Field Services Division combines traffic enforcement, public education and cooperation with allied agencies as it strives for fatality free roadways.