Career Opportunities FAQ

Career Opportunities FAQ

How do I know what Duty Station I will be assigned to?
At this time duty stations are discussed and assigned at the end of camp .

Do I get paid to attend the academy?
Yes, you will be a "civilian" employee until you obtain oath of office, when you graduate.

Is a college degree required to become a Nebraska State Trooper?
No, a high school diploma or GED equivalence is required.

Where do I get an application?
Once the hiring process starts, applications will be available at

Where is the Training Academy located?
The Academy is located in Grand Island, Nebraska, at the Nebraska Law Enforcement Training Center.

What is the Training Academy atmosphere like?
The Nebraska State Patrol  has its own academy. The academy is 24 weeks and is a para-military lifestyle setting. Officer Candidates are required to stay at the Training Academy, Monday through Friday. Officer Candidates are normally dismissed at the end of the business day on Friday and must  report back to academy on Sunday evening.