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Nebraska AMBER Alert Notification

This is a listing of Active and Cancelled AMBER Alerts for Nebraska.
More information on the AMBER Alert Plan in Nebraska can be found under the Programs/Services menu on the Nebraska State Patrol homepage.

Active Alerts Cancelled Alerts
No Active Alerts
Elin Brown  issued on  11-03-2015
London Howell  issued on  07-10-2015
Lauren Howell  issued on  07-10-2015
Jose Ramirez-Marinero  issued on  05-07-2015
Kharim Moreira  issued on  09-27-2013
Mystery BringsPlenty  issued on  06-22-2013
Mariah C. Galvan  issued on  08-03-2011
Nathanial E. Mundahl  issued on  04-09-2011
Melody Rose Martin aka Melody Gibbs  issued on  07-14-2010
Jarez Wilson Jr.  issued on  12-24-2009
Morgan S. Reilly  issued on  05-22-2007
Lisa Marie Porter  issued on  01-13-2007
Earl M "Troy" Hayes III  issued on  07-14-2005
Stormy Shirk  issued on  09-15-2004
Kristen Leigh Ann Benavides  issued on  01-30-2004
Shianne Marie Shaver  issued on  08-22-2003
Kyrsten Ciara Buckman  issued on  04-19-2003
Brajaniek Dunn  issued on  12-11-2002