Nebraska State Patrol Now Hiring Troopers

Nebraska State Patrol Now Hiring Troopers

May 24, 2021
Lincoln, NEB
Recruiting Flyer

The Nebraska State Patrol is looking for the next class of State Troopers to help patrol The Good Life. Applications are now open for NSP Camp 66.

“The journey to becoming a Nebraska State Trooper starts with an application, and we’re looking for men and women who are ready to take that first step,” said Colonel John Bolduc, Superintendent of the Nebraska State Patrol. “Filling out that application opens the door to a world of opportunity and a fulfilling career spent serving the people of Nebraska.”

Nebraska State Troopers serve Nebraska in a wide variety of capacities. Career paths include patrolling Nebraska’s roadways, investigating crime throughout the state, handling a K-9, connecting with the public through education and safety programs, operating on the SWAT Team, piloting with the Air Wing, negotiating during crisis situations, and many more.

Camp 66 begins training in January 2022 and will conclude with the graduation of a new class of State Troopers in June 2022. The Nebraska State Patrol offers a starting salary of $47,944 upon graduation, along with benefits including medical and life insurance, paid vacation, sick leave, and a great retirement program. During a 22-week training program at the NSP Training Academy, recruits will earn $21.00 per hour.

“All of the future troopers selected to be a part of Camp 66 will receive extensive training from our expert staff at the Nebraska State Patrol Training Academy,” said Colonel Bolduc. “The recruits bring the drive and attitude of service, and our staff will develop the skills they need to serve with professionalism, honor, and compassion as Nebraska State Troopers.”

Applicants must be a United States citizen and at least 21 years of age by June 17, 2022, when they take the oath of office. Applicants must have a high school diploma or GED equivalence. Additional information about the application and selection process, including physical requirements, can be found at the Become A Trooper section of the NSP website.