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Troop D headquarters North Platte, Nebraska is comprised of 23 counties in the west-central and southwestern part of the state covering nearly 21, 000 miles. Interstate 80 dissects Troop D and creates many issues for the traveling public with changing weather and the abundance of wild life that inhabits the region. Troop D is very rural region and has many miles of unpaved county roads and many miles between towns.

Troop D-North Platte is commanded by Captain Lynn Williams

The Command staff of Troop D has a combined total of nearly 85-years of service. The 38 sworn troopers assigned to the Field Services Division are stationed in eight communities across the troop area. There are six sergeants' area offices to oversee uniformed operations within the troop area. In addition, Troop D Headquarters houses a communications center staffed by 7 fulltime and one temporary Communication Specialist. Two additional full time civilian staff are responsible for administrative and evidence duties.

The command team in Troop D adheres to the Patrol's motto, "Pro Bono Publico" (for the good of the public). The philosophy of putting the public first guides decision making at all levels of staff in Troop D. Troopers are reminded they are to be role models within their respective communities and to be aware of any situation that requires police attention within their areas of responsibility. By partnering with the many communities within its borders the members of Troop D believe they can make decisions that are in the best interest of the public.


Troop D Investigative Services

The Investigative Services Division of the Nebraska State Patrol includes three areas of concentration, drug investigation, criminal investigation and liquor enforcement. The Investigative Services Division in Troop D- North Platte has one Lieutenant, two Sergeants, and nine Investigators. Civilian employees are also a critical component of the Investigative Services Division helping with intelligence gathering, evidence and report processing.


Lt. Tim Arnold serves as the Lieutenant of the Troop D-North Platte Investigative Services Divsion.



Criminal Investigators with Troop D work cases ranging from theft to homicides with emphasis placed on assisting rural allied law enforcement agencies with major criminal investigations.

The Troop D Drug Division is an integral component of the Cooperative Operation for Drug Enforcement (CODE) Drug Task Force which is comprised of city, county and federal investigators, analysts and prosecutors. The task force operates in west-central and southwest Nebraska.