Surprise Vehicle Inspection Results from Fremont

Surprise Vehicle Inspection Results from Fremont

September 12, 2018
(Fremont, NE)

Troopers with the Nebraska State Patrol (NSP) Carrier Enforcement Division, with the assistance of the Fremont Police Department, conducted surprise commercial vehicle inspections today, September 12, in Fremont and the surrounding area. The surprise inspections target commercial vehicles that might not travel outside the city or pass through weigh stations as part of their regular routes.

During the special enforcement effort, the Metropolitan Aggressive and Prevention Selective (MAPS) Team conducted 35 vehicle inspections, discovered 86 violations of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations and state law, and took 11 vehicles out of service (not allowed to return to the road). Vehicles are placed out of service for a variety of reasons relating to bad brakes or tires, or other problems that post immediate safety risks. Troopers also placed two drivers out of service for no CDL (1) and improper class of CDL (1). Troopers also issued $1,000 in citations.

Troopers also awarded 19 CVSA stickers to vehicles that had no violations. The CVSA sticker serves as a visual reference that the vehicle has been inspected. Unless an officer sees an obvious safety violation, vehicles with a current sticker aren’t inspected on the roadside for at least three months

This week, the NSP MAPS Team conducted operations in Columbus and Fremont. During the operation, troopers conducted 84 commercial vehicle inspections, discovered 234 violations, and took 32 vehicles out of service. The team also placed four drivers out of service, issued $4,500 in fines, and awarded 41 CVSA stickers.

The MAPS Team in funded largely by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Troopers check for compliance with federal safety regulations and enforce laws pertaining to weight, size, registration, dyed fuels, and permits associated with commercial vehicles. The MAPS Team was implemented in 1998 and consists of troopers from the Nebraska State Patrol Carrier Enforcement Division. On average, 20-24 troopers work each MAPS event.