Nebraska State Patrol Begins 62nd Basic Recruit Camp

Nebraska State Patrol Begins 62nd Basic Recruit Camp

January 6, 2020
(Grand Island, NE)
Camp 62

The journey to become a Nebraska State Trooper has officially begun for eighteen recruits. Today, the Nebraska State Patrol (NSP) started the 62nd Basic Recruit Camp at the NSP Training Academy in Grand Island.

“Today marks a milestone for these eighteen recruits, but they’ve been building toward this step for years in the way they’ve lived their lives,” said Colonel John Bolduc, Superintendent of the Nebraska State Patrol. “Our Training Academy Troopers will amplify the skills each recruit brings to the table and equip them with the abilities they’ll need to serve Nebraska as troopers.”

Camp 62 includes eighteen recruits from fifteen different Nebraska communities.

Wyatt Binderup – Minden, NE                                 Nate McClung – Papillion, NE

Brandon Dolezal – Bellevue, NE                              Jacob Meyer – Elkhorn, NE

Jordan Dostal – Lincoln, NE                                      Seth Miller – Norfolk, NE                 

Brenden Funk - McCook, NE                                    Ashdonn Notle – Norfolk, NE

Daniela Gonzalez Nuno – Kearney, NE                  Daniel Osuna-Salazar – West Point, NE

Michael Guth – Sidney, NE                                       Madison Reynoldson – Norfolk, NE

Ryan Healy – Omaha, NE                                          Eric Sabata – Aurora, NE

Thomas Kavan – Malmo, NE                                     Joshua Schwarz – Elmwood, NE

Andrew Martinez – Lexington, NE                           Alexander Winters – Lincoln, NE

These eighteen recruits will complete 22 weeks of training before graduating on June 19, 2020. Camp 62 is the first of two NSP training camps in 2020, marking the second year for NSP’s cycle of hosting two training camps each year. In 2019, the first year of the new cycle, NSP added the most troopers in a single year (23) since 2015.  

Applications are being accepted now for Camp 63, which will begin in July. To apply, visit the Become A Trooper page on the NSP website.