NSP Crime Lab - Biology/DNA Section

NSP Crime Lab - Biology/DNA Section

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The Forensic Biology Section of the Nebraska State Patrol Crime Laboratory is responsible for examining items of evidence for any potential biological evidence and for the possible determination of the origin of the biological material.

Biological Screening Capabilities:

  • Blood
    •  Human or Non-Human
  • Semen
  • Urine (Presumptive Only)
  • Biological Evidence Transfer
  • Limited hair examinations
    • Is it a hair?
    • Human vs. Non-Human?
    • Acceptable for nuclear DNA analysis?

Human DNA Typing Capabilities:

  • The analysis of 15 STR (Short Tandem Repeats) loci plus Amelogenin, a sex typing gene
    • Includes the core CODIS loci
    • Reference samples should be sent from all individuals involved for comparison to the evidence DNA profiles
  • Perform examination of “no suspect” cases and enter the appropriate DNA profiles into CODIS to search for possible DNA matches
  • Touch DNA is possible
  • No criminal paternity testing is available
  • Limited capabilities for DNA analysis from bone
  • No mitochondrial, plant, or animal DNA testing is available
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CODIS Database:

(Combined DNA Index System) – DNA database designed by the FBI to compare DNA profiles from case evidence to other cases and convicted offender DNA profiles

  • NDIS: The National DNA Index System is the DNA database maintained by the FBI.
  • SDIS: The State DNA Index System is the DNA database maintained by the individual states. The Nebraska State Patrol Crime Laboratory is the custodial agency for the Nebraska SDIS Database.
  • LDIS: The Local DNA Index System is the DNA database maintained by individual government law enforcement agencies. No LDIS databases exist in Nebraska at this time.
  • The CODIS Database consists of the following components:
    • Convicted Offenders
      • Samples collected from persons convicted of qualifying crimes maintained at the NDIS level. The qualifying crimes are determined by individual state statutes. (Nebraska State Statutes, Article 41, Section 29-4103 (6))
    • Forensic Unknowns
      • DNA profiles from evidentiary samples from solved or unsolved cases which are searched against other Forensic Unknowns and against the Convicted Offender Database. The Forensic Unknown profile must meet strict criteria for upload to NDIS.
    • Missing Persons & Unidentified Remains
      • Known DNA profiles from missing persons or DNA profiles from unidentified remains that are searched against each other and the relatives of missing persons.
    • Relatives of Missing Persons
      • Known DNA profiles from the relatives of missing persons that can be searched against any unidentified remains.