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The Carrier Enforcement Division is an essential component of the State Patrol's Field Services Division, playing an integral part in ensuring that Nebraska's highways remain safe for the motoring public. While the Division has undergone many changes from its inception in 1954 as the Department of Roads Scales Section, its primary statutory responsibilities are still "To promote public safety" and "To preserve and protect the state highways and bridges from immoderate and destructive use". 


Made up of eighty-nine uniformed and eight civilian personnel the Division is commanded by Captain Gerry Krolikowski. Captain Krolikowski is a 1985 graduate of the Nebraska Law Enforcement Training Center and 2004 graduate of Northwestern University's School of Police Staff and Command.
Specially trained troopers operate twelve weigh stations and numerous portable scale units throughout Nebraska. Their main focus is to guarantee compliance with State Statutes and Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations pertaining to the operation of commercial motor vehicles, motor coaches, and hazardous material transporters. Aside from its roadside efforts, the Division has an Investigative Section that conducts both Compliance Reviews and New Entrant Audits of Motor Carriers. Troopers work closely with their counterparts, not only within the Agency, but in conjunction with fellow allied law-enforcement agencies to protect and serve the citizens of Nebraska.


The Division knows the importance education plays in obtaining voluntary compliance with the law and improving highway safety. The Statutes and Regulations governing the operation of commercial motor vehicles are very complex; therefore the Division dedicates many resources to developing and providing educational programs and materials to the trucking industry and other law enforcement personnel. Realizing the devastating consequences of an accident involving a truck and a car, the Division also provides education to the general public concentrating on the safe operation of passenger vehicles around commercial motor vehicles.